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Fashion Gasoil



Welcome to the world of Fashion Gasoil!

What to say about this new medium? A joyful mix (bazaar? or a big mess?) of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, information about what drives us: fashion, clothes, well-being… well-being in our sneakers! 

That’s why I decided to call it “Fashion Gasoil” or “the essence of cool”… 

Essence not in the polluting sense of the word but in its primary sense: the substance that animates us, the quintessence that gives us life but also the aroma that perfumes us.

Fashion Gasoil is all this. 

Together we will sail on the ocean of cool… who is cool? where is the cool? what is the  cool? Why is it cool? Audio, photos, analysis will be mixed with videos and interviews to try to answer these questions. 

In this first issue, I take you to discover different universes that inspired me. Well… have… I should say have inspired us. Indeed, I am not alone in this adventure. I have surrounded myself with a team of journalists, each one a specialist in her field: Cora Delacroix and Caroline Hamelle will decrypt the trends, the fashion and its backstage, Gabrielle Beau will present you the accessories, Margaux Steinmyller will bring you the lifestyle touch, and Astrid Taupin will talk about beauty. To complete this team , I asked the one who embodies, in my eyes, the cool on Instagram to join us: Leandra Medine Cohen. No need to introduce her, you know her either through her inimitable outfits on Instagram or the site she created “The Man Repeller”. Leandra will give us in each issue her vision of the cool of the moment. 

My goal is to open you to new horizons, to make you discover new designers, to understand those who make fashion, and to decipher the trends. 

And let’s not forget the return of the podcast” Chiffon” which has changed its style… new logo, new credits… but which has kept its first essence: to make you discover personalities and their relationship with clothes. Enjoy reading and listening! 

Long live cool!


Leandra Medine Cohen'scolumn

We are very proud to announce that Leandra Medine will come and give us her vision of cool in each issue of Fashion Gasoil, because in our eyes… this girl is the real cool.

The rest... very soon...

While waiting for her first column, you can find Leandra in her newsletter “The Cereal Aisle” in which, she gives us fashion tips but not only… Click on the link to go there.

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