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Focus on the 90s

This winter you will continue to see cargo pants, slip dresses, Levis 501 (torn at the knees is even better), XXL denim jackets, crop tops, down jackets (available in skirts and pants), suits…. I thought this’ 90s fashion comeback was going to last for a season. Nay! It’s go again.

Just take a look at Instagram, which captures the age of time wonderfully. Who are the women presented as models of elegance? Caroline Bessette Kennedy, Lady Diana in a total athleisure look, or Kate Moss in a slip dress.

What does this era bring us back to? For girls of my generation, it corresponds to our high school years and it’s not that far … For the youngest of you, it’s just TV series, movies and the nostalgic lyrics of your parents .

At the time, the company was only in the infancy of the internet (its official birth date being March 12, 1989 … I checked). The cell phone appeared with the Bi Bop in 1991. And you might as well say that Facebook and co were not born. At the time, we flirted in person and not through a phone app.

We spoke to each other, wrote to each other, saw each other, sent postcards, went to shops … Perhaps all of this makes us nostalgic in the end … and this dive into the series, films, hits or the wardrobe of the time is perhaps the best way to escape the gloom.

Valérie Tribes