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Fashion Gasoil



When autumn leaves start to fall ...

I have always considered the month of September as the beginning of a new stage. It is as if the year was giving me a new chance, a new opportunity or a new impetus to end the year in beauty. 

The first half of the year was a time of hope. We were able to start dreaming of a life without pandemics. Gradually everything is picking up. 

Fashion Gasoil was born with this hope of a revival, a new way of understanding fashion and trends. This “hybrid webzine” has started very well and I am delighted. 

The summer gave me a break to analyze the three previous issues. I was also able to talk to some readers and designers. You will see that some elements have changed to try to do better and better, to entertain and inform you. 

From now on, there will no longer be an issue that will change every month but articles that will change regularly, will be added, deleted. 

Fashion Gasoil will be renewed permanently to stick as close as possible to the fashion news and to better satisfy your expectations. 

So we won’t talk about numbers anymore… you’ll have even more articles, files, analyses, mood posts, photos, video reports and podcasts!

It’s a bit late to wish you a good back-to-school season, so I just wish you a good second half of the year as we slowly slide towards the end of the year.

Valérie Tribes