The low waist, the return!

Are you ready?! Fashion has always been the champion of thunderous comebacks. The ones we always thought were impossible. The ones we always swore we would never make again. The ones we would have preferred to leave buried in the past!

This Spring-Summer 2022 season is no exception to the rule and brings back to the forefront one of the key trends of the 2000s, the low cut!

I already hear cries of horror and desolation from those who have already experienced the low rise! We remember the buttocks in the air, the thong that protrudes and the phobia of the apparent bulge. In short, the winning combo of inelegance at its peak.

by Sandrine Virbel

We close our eyes for a moment and we remember Britney at her peak, Paris Hilton at her best and Keira Knightley daring in 2003 to sell her low rise bootcut jeans on the red carpet of Pirate of the Caribbean!

Once passed, this trend stamped Y2K symbolized the bad taste and a certain vulgarity linked to the beginnings of a porno-(not)chic fashion. But, back in the days…. who didn’t fantasize about a pair of Miss Sixty jeans, in order to wiggle the navel in the air?

Fortunately, like any fashion trend, water has flowed under the bridge, pushing us to laugh at ourselves by swearing never again! However, we all know the adage, never say never …

And here we are. The 2000s are catching up with us and promise us a colorful revival. The low waist is officially back!

So what has changed since the 2000s?

Fortunately for us, the low-rise trend is back with a vengeance. With the body positive movement, today it is no longer only allowed to those with a perfect body, plunging all the others (us!!!) in a deep confusion.

On the contrary, bathed in a coolness very 2022, the low waist operates a return, on the catwalks and in the street, inspired by streetwear and silhouettes more fluid than 20 years ago.

Gone are the skinny jeans of the 2000s, the low waist is now worn with a longer crotch, fuller legs and a softer volume at the hips, slightly baggy. The comfort wear of successive confinements having passed through, the low waist adapts to our desires for an easy living fashion with the right look.

Jeans, Bermuda shorts, cargo or jogging form, the low waist pants bend to our stylish desires of the moment.

But true to its comeback, it is declined as in the past, either in used laced denim (hello Rihanna!), or jewelled, belted or not and even adopts the army trend with camo print and cargo pockets.

Flirting with the return of the bimbo and propelled by generation Z on social networks, its silhouette easier to live with than 20 years ago allows it nevertheless today, to speak to all generations and all physiques.

How to wear the low waist in 2022?

Sexy with a rock twist and accessory of cool, the low waist 2022 is worn in different ways.

With a crop top for the most daring, safely on a bodysuit or with a top a little loose and chic tucked in the front to silhouette and feminize a look a little boyish. 

The silhouettes to follow to get inspired today by this trend? Head to Los Angeles as in the heyday of the low rise! Forerunners of the return of the trend, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Emrata or Hailey Bieber dare to show their belly button and prove that no, definitely, never say never when it comes to fashion! Special mention also to Rihanna who takes advantage of the trend to make her baby bump official in all simplicity.

Finally, it is not Julia Cox, the new it-girl plebiscited by Kanye West, who will contradict us since she made explode the sales of the young brand Miaou thanks to her very mediatized exit in ultra low waist pants with integrated thong.

The loop being thus closed, to us to find the low waist which will make our happiness this year!!!