decoding the fashion

decoding the fashion

How did the Santiag become a must-have in our dressing rooms ?

From the western to the catwalks to our department stores, the Santiag has come a long way to become THE essential shoe of the moment.

by Carla Thorel

It is the American adventure, the western, Texas, Leone’s movies, the road-trip, chewing tobacco, the cowboy hat and the sheriff’s star all by itself. Pointed, embroidered, brushed, black, brown, colored, leather, suede, it is the star of Hollywood shoes. Yes, we are talking about the santiag. 

Worn by our dear cowboys with bandanas since the 18th century in the United States, let’s be clear that the legend divides the purists – although the beginning of this article was a bit biased.

Are they Texas or Kansas’s natives? The original shoe has a square heel, a pointed toe, a high shaft and no laces. These new kinds of equestrian shoes are covered with drawings -sometimes colored- on a leather of alligator, ostrich, elk, or elephant…

No doubt, we are in Tex…uh Kansas sorry.

"An image of freedom"

The average person now buys Santiag at Zara and Stradivarius

At first it became a niche (worn on the catwalks of MiuMiu, Margiela or Céline), then “beauf” (only worn at fancy dress parties, or in a village where country music is a way of life), fashion has finally reappropriated it.

For Maoui (@Maoui2saintDenis) who owes her first memory of Santiag to Johnny Hallyday and his “cowboy grandpa”, she says she is “seduced by the timelessness of this shoe, despite a pronounced style. People know it, so it doesn’t shock, but it keeps its quirky side thanks to its multiple stylistic facets. One part rock, one part cowgirl, one part sheriff… In fact, the santiag is freedom! Maybe that’s why it exploded after confinement.” 

Spring, summer, fall, winter, there is no bad occasion for the santiag which, all terrain, brings a little American dream to an everyday look…