podcast interview

podcast interview

Sigrid de l’Épine

” there are as many fashions as there are people”

Interview by Valérie Tribes

For this new episode of the Fashion Gasoil podcast, I invited Sigrid de l’Épine, ex-model who worked for 20 years in the world of fashion, image and creation (notably at Chanel, with Karl Lagerfeld, as head of Haute Couture and at Balenciaga, with Nicolas Ghesquière, who asked her to create and then run his press and public relations office for 10 years).

Today, she is the head of the Del’Ep case house. A daring bet and a successful one. Her cases have become a must-have for all Parisian and foreign fashionistas!

Enjoy your listening !

How was this idea born?

I created these cases for people who often need their glasses and waste a lot of time looking for them. I wanted a case that was both chic and functional. 

So I started looking for this magic case, a case that would allow me to have my glasses at hand, but not finding it anywhere and not resigning myself to the “grandmother chain”, I decided to design it. 

I looked for it, I didn’t find it, I made it!

With one push your glasses are in your eyes, with another push they return to their case, they are always there when you need them.

Why did you choose to have them made in France?

It is also very important to me that these cases are made of vegetable tanned leather, a longer process but one that does not use chromium, that they are made by craftsmen in the Paris region and thus participate in maintaining know-how while respecting people and our environment.

It is also for this reason, that in order not to overproduce we do not have much stock because our craftsmen are located in Ile-de-France and are very reactive.