The creator to follow

The creator to follow

Gabriela Comella, creator of the brand Gabriel for Sach
Interview by Carolina Ortiz Jerez

Privileging local work, using top quality materials and betting on zero waste are part of the DNA of Gabriel for Sach, the handbags and clothing brand founded in Barcelona by Gabriela Comella in 2014.

Her proposal has been successful, and today her products are sold in markets as far away as Japan and the United States.

How was your brand born?

I started working with my mother, who had a very nice fashion brand, Gema Sach.

I started designing a line of accessories that began to work very well and after two years, I became independent.

What motivated you to design handbags?

I started designing bags that I couldn’t find in the market at the time. They are all very functional, but with a well-defined aesthetic will.

Could you tell us about your creative process and your inspirations?

I get my inspiration from things that are not necessarily linked to fashion. When I walk down the street, I see some color, some material or some architectural element, which I then transfer to the bags.

For example, there is a bag called Safari, because it is inspired by the old photographic safari bags.

Then I choose a color palette for each season and start making a mix that can last a month. I turn those ideas over for two or three weeks. I do a sketch and then go and look at the skins.

Gabriel for Sach is a brand that is committed to sustainability. To what extent can the use of leather be considered a sustainable approach?

I really like the leather, the way it feels, the colors when it’s dyed. I feel bad about the animal. But after giving it a lot of thought, because of the whole vegan thing, I thought that making bags with leather is something very natural, because they are very resistant, and I make them from skins that are for consumption. I wouldn’t see myself taking pythons.

Some people say to me, “I’m sorry, I only use vegan bags”. But for me, leatherette, using plastics, I see it as more unnatural, unsustainable and not recyclable.

The times I’ve made non-leather bags, they break more.

Also, I use a lot of vegetable dye, so the whole process pollutes less than a leatherette bag.

Do you have any use for leftover leather scraps?

I always try to do something with the leftover leather, to give it a second life. I made braided bags, key chains and dog leashes with the leather scraps. The jewelry collection also aimed to use leftover leather scraps left over from making the bags.

In 2019 you launched a clothing line What led you to take that step?

It came out of the need to complete the brand, because at the image level I was missing something. In addition, customers also asked me for it. They told me: “hey, we like your bags, but you develop more”.

My idea was to bring out a clothing collection, but I wanted the bags to continue to predominate. It’s not a complete collection, where you will find something from each family, like a dress, a jacket and a pair of pants. But it will be a collection that complements to make the image of the brand.

In your collections there are some unisex or non-gendered garments, is that because you wanted to do it?

I wanted to do it that way, because I think it is very well thought out that a garment can be worn by both. So, I try to have something in each season. It is not always easy, but I like it.

How has the public received your brand proposal?

It has been very good. Right now, where I sell the most is in the United States, Spain, France, London, Denmark and Japan. It is curious, because they are markets with very different tastes.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to promote the clothing collection and the zero waste collection applied to a home line. In the long term, I would like to open small Gabriel for Sach studios or representations of the brand in other cities where I see that I sell more, so that people can touch my bags.

Where can people buy your products?

In my shop-workshop located in Calle Rosellón 195, Barcelona, Spain.

Or on my website: