The uniform

The uniform

What about you? What would be the outfit you could spend the week in?
by Ryvka Adda

For years, I’ve been buying clothes with a more or less conscious idea in mind: the desire to live with this piece every day, to wear it every morning without ever getting tired of it. I actually dream of finding THE outfit, the uniform that I will never change.

I’m not talking about a look that you can change, but a single outfit that you wear over and over again like a cartoon character. It’s as if from one day to the next I had to lose my entire wardrobe and only keep what I needed to make an outfit. I won’t go into a too long psychoanalysis about the roots of this impulse.

Let’s say, to take a less dramatic scenario, what would be the outfit I would accept to spend a week in while my suitcase lost by the airline is found? (Yes, in this scenario I travel in the city where I live and work, let’s not complicate the mise-en-scène!) 

I’m not saying that getting tired of this outfit would be impossible; in the end it is inevitable. But let’s say that this one would have a longer life, before the absolute boredom, more important. That is to say that putting it on day after day would continue to bring me a minimum of satisfaction.

“My cocooning outfit; when I need to be reassured in the face of the vagaries of the future and the daily adventures”.

But things evolve, fashions and people change… I’m kidding, I’m mostly, a great lover of clothes, which doesn’t make it easy. So I narrowed it down to three outfit styles.

“My girl boss outfit; when I need to be confident, to be a bit serious but still be myself”

“My outfit “I need to look great and look a little dressy but above all I need to feel good” “

The approach behind each of my purchases is therefore motivated by a desire to consume responsibly in itself, a bit like if it was “my last purchase” when in reality I could have already stopped years earlier and focused on the pieces I already had. Because this ideal outfit, this uniform is totally conceivable with the means at hand, that’s its beauty! What would be yours?